EPPP 32-Hour Live Online Exam Prep - 6 Months All Access Pass

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How it Works

How it Works

Our 32-Hour Live Online course takes all the essential domains covered on the EPPP and divides them into smaller topic sessions. Just find the topic you would like to attend and view the available sessions by date.

As a bonus, you can bookmark the date to your personal schedule using Google Calendar.

On the day of the session, log into the 32-Hour Live Online course page and click on the link to access the online classroom.

Our instructor-led live sessions contain current and relevant information focused on those terms and concepts which appear most frequently on the examination, as well as critical thinking skills and testing strategies. Each domain topic also comes with an accompanying digital handout. And at the end of each topic, you'll have access to sample study questions to test your understanding.

Once in the workshop, you can follow along the lecture and ask questions using our chat feature. Each workshop includes both an on-camera instructor and an off-camera instructor, giving you a team of teachers to help answer your questions real-time to improve understanding and retention.

A New Workshop Experience

  • 32 hours of Live Instruction presented by topic. Each topic is an individual workshop making content easier to chunk and improve retention.
  • Multi-month access to complete all topics and give you the option to repeat a topic.
  • Online does not mean previously recorded. Each topic is hosted by a team of live instructors. Use the chat program to ask personalized questions.
  • No travel, hotel, or meal costs. Live Online means you can follow the workshop from the comfort of your own home or office. Easily attend wherever you’ll have online access.
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