Best Practices for Remote Supervision - Self-Paced (3 CE)

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Title of Event: Best practices for remote supervision of supervisees and clients

Date and Location of Event: Self-Paced

Time and Duration of Event:  180

Number of Type 2 / Learning CEUs: 3 CEUs

Number of [Ethics or Supervision] CEUs: 3 supervision CEUs

Names of Event Instructor(s): Geetika Agarwal, Ph.D., BCBA-D, QBA

Bio: Geetika Agarwal is a doctorate level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) and a Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA) with over 10 years of experience working in multiple settings across different countries, developing and overseeing ABA based intervention programs for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. In her various roles as a teaching faculty, owner of a private practice, Assistant Director of Behavior Health agency in Seattle and Associate Director of a multi-disciplinary school for children with Autism in Bangalore, India, she has provided clinical oversight and supervision to BCBAs, RBT, new clinicians and those working towards their certification; developing clinical and procedural trainings, along with overseeing the day to day operations of the clinic.

Event Covers the Following Behavior Analysis Content: Supervision, practice

Event is Designed For: Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Event Level: Intermediate

Learning Objectives for Participants:

  1. Understand unique challenges and strengths in remote supervision of students working towards BACB certification.
  2. Identify best practices for remote supervision for students working towards BACB certification.
  3. Develop and adapt supervisory best practices for remote supervision of students working towards BACB certification.
  4. Understand unique challenges and strengths of remote management of client clinical services.
  5. Understand best practice recommendations for remote supervision of clinical cases.
  6. Identify specific measures to be incorporated into current or future remote supervision of clinical cases.

Description of Type 2 / Learning CE Event: 

There are two-parts in this training. The first part of the training is intended for BCBAs who want to learn about best practice recommendations for effective remote or distant supervision to individuals/supervisees working towards their BACB certification. This training is designed for BCBA who have experience providing in-person supervision and are looking to extend their supervisory skills to remote supervisions. The second half of this training is designed for BCBA’s who are providing remote supervision of client’s receiving ABA services. The training will draw from peer-reviewed literature, case studies etc. in behavior analysis, psychology and related fields to provide specific tools and recommendations to use for future remote supervision.

Shortened Description for Website: This is a supervision training for BCBAs who have experience providing in-person supervision and are looking to extend their supervisory skills to remote supervision of trainees and clients. This is a 3 CE course towards supervision requirements for recertification.


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AATBS is a BACB approved continuing education (ACE) provider, OP-20-3284. All CEs earned by attendees at AATBS events are Learning-type CEUs (Type II) and designed to support the professional development of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts.

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