1. ASWB Exam Changes
    ASWB Exam Changes

    “We always have to balance security concerns with the comfort of the test-takers,” says Director of Exam Administration Felicia Dennison. “These new measures illustrate ASWB’s commitment to evaluating existing procedures and revising them based on both feedback from test-takers and evidence of their effectiveness.”


    The ASWB has announced important exam changes that will impact the social work exam test-taking experience beginning 2023.  

    Based on candidate feedback and in an effort to improve the testing experience, the ASWB announced updates that will affect Bachelor, Masters, and Clinical level exams beginning January 2023. The ASWB has identified these exam changes as enhancements intended to reduce test-taker stress and promote a better social work examination process.

    These enhancements are a combination of updates to the exam, test-taker comfort, and testing center security and will impact both the actual exam format and the testing experience.  These  changes to the exams should result in a material improvement to the test-taking experience, encouraging less stress and contributing to a more effective exam.

    Now, let’s go over the ASWB Exam Changes.

    Access to Food Is Now Allowed During Exam

    While eating food during the exam was previously prohibited, candidates can now access their lockers to retrieve a snack during the exam. This change provides test-takers with the opportunity to take

  2. Social Work Test Prep Strategy
    Social Work Test Prep Strategy

    Unfortunately, it’s often not enough to be a good social worker when it comes to taking and passing the social work exams. While having a good handle on information relevant to social work practice is important, this may also not be enough. Even very good social workers sometimes have a tough time passing their exams. Why might this be? Two reasons: 1) anxiety management and 2) test-taking strategy. The latter can often be the cure for the former.

  3. Social Work Test Prep Theory
    Social Work Test Prep Theory

    Many social workers are intimidated by the use of theory and may wonder how theory applies to the social work exam. Theory helps us understand two basic concepts that apply to the social work exam and to social work itself: 1) how people develop problems 2) how to help them with their problems. Taking those two concepts into consideration, we are able to see that theory applies to the following content areas of the exams: 1) human growth and development 2) human behavior in the social environment 3) treatment planning and 4) interventions or psychotherapy (depending on your level of exam).