1. NCMHCE Content Update Effective Early 2022
    NCMHCE Content Update Effective Early 2022

    According to the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), these changes will go into effect in early 2022.  As a coach and an exam candidate/clinician we will only need to be concerned with a few of the changes that may affect our study and exam prep strategies.  Those changes, and how we will tackle them, I will discuss in the next few paragraphs.

    First and foremost, the NBCC uses this test to determine whether you possess the necessary skills to perform as an entry level Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), also known as an entry-level clinical mental health counselor.    You would demonstrate the “ability to identify, analyze, diagnose and develop treatment plans of clinical concerns” by passing this exam.  In addition, you will be scored on six content domains:

  2. Getting your License in New York? Here is What You Need to Know
    Getting your License in New York? Here is What You Need to Know

    The Empire State. One of the most populous states in this nation attracts an incredible number of visitors, re-settlers, and professionals every year. Psychologists are not immune to the attraction of the Big Apple. However, the laws and requirements for practicing professional psychology in New York differ slightly from others states. If you have ever thought about getting your license in New York, AATBS is here to help.

  3. When “Non-essential” Becomes Essential
    When “Non-essential” Becomes Essential

    Today is World Mental Health Day! In the midst of a difficult year for many, given the COVID-19 pandemic, this day feels more important than ever. Never before have we as a nation had to face difficulties surrounding a global health crisis, national disasters destroying our forests and communities, political stress, and possible financial hardship. . .all at the same time! What were once considered to be non-essential events, such as going to a farmer’s market, attending an outdoor community event, or visiting a theme park, now feels more essential than ever. These activities brought connection, community, and reduced isolation. They allowed us to create new memories with loved ones.

  4. Exam Strategy: The Guessing Game
    Exam Strategy: The Guessing Game

    Although no one wants to admit it, everyone at this academic level has done it. There has come a time on an exam where you just simply did not know the answer. Even on a multiple-choice format, where you know the correct answer is looking right at you, you still cannot seem to single it out. Licensure exams rely very heavily on a multiple-choice format. As such, the AATBS team thought it would be beneficial to go over the best strategies for picking the correct answer even when you are not entirely sure which the correct answer may be.