Social Work Candidates

  1. Social Work Test Prep Strategy
    Social Work Test Prep Strategy

    Unfortunately, it’s often not enough to be a good social worker when it comes to taking and passing the social work exams. While having a good handle on information relevant to social work practice is important, this may also not be enough. Even very good social workers sometimes have a tough time passing their exams. Why might this be? Two reasons: 1) anxiety management and 2) test-taking strategy. The latter can often be the cure for the former.

  2. Dealing With Anxiety
    Dealing With Anxiety

    Anxiety is a huge factor for most people when facing the prospect of taking their social work exam. Anxiety can put you into a “fight or flight” adrenaline response. This response is great when facing a saber-toothed tiger, but not so great when you are trying to focus and answer test questions.

  3. Why You Are Your Client’s Biggest Advocate
    Why You Are Your Client’s Biggest Advocate

    As social workers, we take on a variety of roles when working with our clients. As case managers, we help our clients access resources and make their appointments. As clinicians, we provide therapy and emotional support. And as outreach workers, we liaise with our client’s loved ones and support systems to help them get what they need.

  4. Use Your Social Work License In A Different Way
    Use Your Social Work License In A Different Way

    After obtaining their license, many social workers go on to practice therapy of related clinical work for clients, either in agencies or in private practice.  While this is the traditional professional route for social workers, your social work license is extremely versatile and getting your license doesn’t limit you to working in a traditional therapeutic capacity. 

    If you’ve received or are considering getting your social work license and want to work in a field other than therapy, you have additional options.