7 Fantastic Podcasts for Behavior Analysts Many behavior analysts find themselves working individually, with a family or client, in a non-central work location. Podcasts can allow professionals to observe a conversation among peers, expand their professional experience, or review research-based content, no matter their geographic location or access to peers. Additionally, some podcasts can help to fill continuing education requirements, making them an inexpensive way to meet professional obligations and reduce the reliance on conferences. A wide range of podcasts, in a variety of tones, are available that all focus on applied behavior analysis. 1. Inside the BACB is a moderately short podcast that aims to convey information directly from the credentialing body of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). As the official podcast of the BACB, this podcast addresses topics ranging from the ethics code to the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification process. Episodes are fairly brief, with all 16 current episodes lasting less than 30-min each. 2. ABA Inside Track offers over 276 episodes focusing on peer-reviewed literature. Due to the focus on research, continuing education units are available from each episode for a nominal cost. Episodes focus on a weekly topic with discussion among a group of presenters. Episodes range in length, but most are between 1-hr and 1-hr, 30-min. 3. The Behavioral Observations Podcast is an interview-based podcast that offers topics for the more clinically-focused BCBA or practioner. Episodes focus on discussing research literature and the application of current studies. Topics presented cover a wide range of practice areas including: Autism, Behavioral Sports Psychology, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Over 146 current shows are available and range from one to two hours in length. Most shows are between 1-hr and 1-hr, 30-min in length. 4. Oh Behave! is a podcast presented by “The Bearded Behaviorist” and features content presented from the BACB task list. With 19 recorded shows and a wide range of guests, topics range from diversity in behavior analysis to schedules of reinforcement. Most shows are under an hour in length, making it easy to find time to listen. 5. Behavior B(*)es is, as might be anticipated from the name, a unique podcast that carries a parental advisory and a wide range of applied science content. Real-world applications are presented by the two co-hosts, with frequent help from invited guests. Most of the 88 episodes are less than one hour long, and topics range from “The Dark Side of Social Media” to “AnxiousAF.” With a focus on applying the science of applied behavior analysis to everyday scenarios and a casual tone, this podcast is very accessible, even to non-behavior analysts. 6. Beautiful Humans is presented by two behavior analysts focused on the intersection of social justice and behavior analysis. Topics range from “A behavioral guide to getting through Thanksgiving” to “Sticks and Stones: The intersection of verbal behavior and immigration.” Topics are applied and relevant to current events, social oppression, and concerns within the field of behavior analysis. With 31 episodes presenting a wide range of topics, Beautiful Humans presents a valuable perspective. Each episode is between one hour and one hour, thirty minutes long, providing time to carefully consider each topic. 7. Shades of ABA was created to foster change and growth, with a focus on diversity and inclusion in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Each episode focuses on personal stories, guests, and the field, as shared through a personal lens. This podcast also carries a parental advisory for language, as the focus is on real perspectives and tough conversations. Topics range from a survivor’s journey through ovarian cancer to the ethics code and most of the 14 current episodes are about an hour long. Finally, we highly recommend you check out Triad’s own podcast, Behavioral Health Today. Behavioral Health Today covers a variety of topics in behavioral health and psychology. BHT seeks to share unique and relevant topics that occur within our world and communities, to bring a behavioral and mental health perspective. Overall, professionals can benefit from opportunities to listen to a wide range of behavior-related podcasts. Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Technicians, ABA Therapists, and any other professional with an interest in learning about the applications of ABA should consider listening to podcasts outside of their core practice area. Each offers an easy opportunity to consider alternate viewpoints and develop professional skills.