In this week’s live broadcast of Coaches’ Corner, which aired Wednesday June 11th, our wonderful exam coach, Melissa, did a short Q & A. Her Coaches’ Corner partner, Jennifer, was out of office for this segment so they will address the topic of procrastination, which was planned for this week, at a later date.

Melissa answered the following questions:

• When should I schedule my exam?
Our coaches typically recommend scheduling your exam about a month out, depending on your practice exam scores. If you’re unsure, talk to your exam coach.

• What’s the difference between the California and national MFT exams?
In Generally, the California exam is more reasoning and application based whereas the national exam is more general knowledge.

• Where should I begin when it comes to preparing for an exam?
If you are completely new to licensure exams, check out the AATBS orientation webinars for your specific licensure. If you are ready to start studying, call an exam coach.

• How should I prepare for my first coaching session?
It’s a good idea to complete your assessment exam if your package comes with one. Other than that, there’s not much else you need to do beforehand.

• Why should I use coaching?
Coaching is a broad service that is here for whatever you need, including answers to your exam questions, help building a study schedule, accountability, and support. Coaching is not tutoring or content teaching and it comes unlimited with all our packages or you can purchase it separately.

See the entire broadcast below.