Coaches’ Corner Recap: Delving into the DSM V

In this week’s live broadcast of Coaches’ Corner, which aired Wednesday June 27th, Melissa and Jennifer discussed what you should know about the DSM V. They answered the following frequently asked questions: 

  • Do I need to buy the DSM in order to get through the exam?
  • No. In your career you will always refer back to the DSM but you by no means need to buy it and read the whole thing.
  • Which diagnoses should I know?
  • A general rule of thumb is to categorize diagnoses (i.e. mood disorders vs. stress disorders). But, everything listed in the DSM is up for grabs.
  • Do I need to know every single criteria and sub-type?
  • It is not necessary to go into great detail and learn every single sub-type, but it is helpful to be familiar with them.
  • How do I differentiate between similar diagnoses?
  • Comparison is a great way to easily identify what is similar and what is different.
  • Am I expected to be an expert on these diagnoses?
  • No, but you should be able to recognize them.

Coaches’ Corner will air again in two weeks on our AATBS Exam Prep Facebook page at 12pm (PT). Our coaches will discuss the topic of procrastination. See the entire broadcast below.

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