Coaches’ Corner Recap: Habits of Successful Exam Candidates

In our bi-weekly Facebook broadcast, Coaches’ Corner, our in-house coaches, Melissa and Jennifer, shared the following habits of successful exam candidates.

• Plan your study times
  Know when and where you’re going to study and stick to it.
• Be flexible
  Sometimes things don’t work out and that’s okay. When life happens, readjust your schedule to make room for studying later.
• Apply the information
  Don’t just memorize information, apply it to scenarios so that you understand the concept.
• Recognize when you need breaks
  Breaks are an important part of the study process. To avoid burn out, learn how to pace yourself.
• Look at set-backs as learning opportunities
  Don’t be discouraged by low practice scores. Instead use them as opportunities to learn.
• Set realistic goals
  Throughout the study process, set attainable short term and long term goals.
• Study consistently
  When it comes to studying, quality is more important than quantity. Studying little and often can be more effective than studying for less frequent chunks of extended time.
• Play to your strengths
  Know what your strengths are and develop your study habits around them.
• Learn how to set boundaries and how to ask for help
  You are not an island! Protect your study time and let others help you when you need it.
• Aim for success
  Be encouraged by other people’s success stories and imagine telling your own.

See the entire video below.