EPPP Live Online Exam Prep Workshop

At AATBS, we pride ourselves on helping great clinicians get the license they need. Beginning this January, we’re delighted to offer a new online live course specifically aimed at pre-licensed psychologists.

The new course will offer 32 intensive hours of Live Online Exam Prep instruction to help future psychologists pass the EPPP (The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology) Exam. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about what this course offers and how to sign up.

What is a Live Online Exam Prep course, and what are the benefits?

Our Live Online Exam Prep classes offer all the benefits of taking an in-person class, combined with the convenience and comfort of taking a course from your own home. Unlike most online courses, our live online courses ensure you receive direct support from your teachers. The session is not pre-recorded; our experienced instructors will teach live for each session.

While our instructors teach live, we’ll have another set of instructors ready to answer any questions you ask. At any point during the workshop, you can ask the off-camera teachers questions- no need to wait for breaks or the end of the class!

Thanks to our new Live Online Exam Prep course, you no longer need to take time off work or deal with the hassle and cost of travel to receive live support from a teacher. You can choose from a variety of live online classes for each EPPP module, so you’ll be able to take the course that works best for your schedule.

What content is included in the EPPP Live Online Exam Prep course?

AATBS’ EPPP Live Online Exam Prep course will thoroughly prepare you to take the EPPP exam. Over the course of the 32 hours of live online instruction, our experienced instructors will guide you through what you need to know to succeed in passing each module of the EPPP exam. All of our instruction is based on the most up-to-date version of the test.

For each module, we will go over the most emphasized areas of the section. In addition, our teachers will explain the most challenging parts of the exam and what you need to know to pass them. Then, we’ll teach you the most important study techniques and tricks to help you learn the material and pass the section.

During the live instruction, you’ll have a digital handout to look at as the instructor teaches. After each module, your study will continue through the 100 sample test questions we provide as part of each module. There will also continue to be instructors available to answer any further queries that come up after your live module finishes.

How do I sign up?

We’re pleased to announce that registration is now open for our 32-Hour EPPP Live Online Exam Prep packages. We offer two packages: the Comprehensive Exam Prep Package or six-month access to our 32-Hour Live Online Exam Prep.The comprehensive package includes special EPPP coaching, study materials, and mock exams along with access to the live online course.

The six-month access gives you access to our EPPP online live course for six months. Both packages make it easy to schedule live, online sessions over Google Calendar that fit your schedule. To sign up for either package, and learn more about our live online offerings, go to Live Online EPPP Workshop. Let the AATBS team know if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing you at the inaugural live classes in January!