EPPP2: Professionalism

As we move further into 2019, we’re getting closer to the introduction of the new psychology licensing exam, the EPPP2! The first states will begin replacing the EPPP with this new exam in January 2020, with others planning to follow at a later date.

The new exam is based on years of study by the ASPPB, primarily looking at the ways the psychology profession has changed since they first started using the original EPPP exam. The new exam reflects updates based on the tools modern psychologists need to succeed at their jobs. As a result, the EPPP2 includes several new domain areas in the exam that weren’t in the previous version.

To help those of you seeking a license prepare for the new exam, we’re reviewing the new areas of competency in the EPPP2 and what to expect in each domain. The subject of the blog post is the Professionalism area of the exam.

The Professionalism domain will look at test taker’s ability to be personally competent on the job. Much of this domain involves professional self-awareness. In particular, they’ll need to understand the limits of reflective practice and competence in their own practice. They’ll also need to demonstrate self-awareness and ability to listen to and respond to professional feedback.

Part 1 of this domain requires future psychologists to identify their limits in professional practice. They’ll need to show that they not only can identify these limits in all forms of professional practice, they’ll also need to demonstrate they know how to seek out further assistance. This includes knowing when to seek another professional opinion, when to obtain additional professional development, supervision, and training courses, and a commitment to staying up to date on the latest developments in the field.

The second and final part of the Professionalism part of the exam looks at the ability to self-reflect and integrate outside feedback. Test takers must demonstrate a commitment to self and outside evaluation, including correcting areas and developing skill as needed. This includes addressing any personal needs that might impact you on the job.

Just as we’ve helped you study for the EPPP, AATBS is committed to helping you ace the EPPP2 through a productive, efficient study program. As we get closer to the EPPP2 going live, you’ll see our cutting edge materials for this new exam appear on our website. While you wait, feel free to check out what study tools we offer for the current EPPP test.