In 2023, a total of 73,690 individuals took the RBT certification exam for the first time, while 30,573 individuals attempted the exam for a second or subsequent time. The first-time pass rate for 2023 stood at 74%. In contrast, the pass rate for individuals retaking the exam was 41%.

These statistics provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals who are pursuing RBT certification. While the majority of first-time test-takers are able to pass the exam, a significant proportion of candidates require multiple attempts to achieve success. This highlights the importance of thorough preparation and readiness before attempting the exam for the first time.

Comparing the data from 2023 to the previous year, we observe some interesting trends. In 2022, there were 58,322 first-time testers and 20,362 individuals retaking the exam. The first-time pass rate in 2022 was slightly higher at 77%, while the pass rate for retakes was 44%. Despite the higher first-time pass rate in 2022, the total number of newly certified RBTs in 2023 was higher, with 67,001 individuals obtaining certification compared to 53,146 in 2022.

While the RBT certification exam presents a significant challenge to aspiring behavior technicians, the majority of individuals are able to pass on their first attempt. However, it's essential for candidates to approach the exam with thorough preparation and dedication to maximize their chances of success. By understanding the data on first-time pass rates and learning from previous exam experiences, aspiring RBTs can better prepare themselves for a career in applied behavior analysis.