Curious about the financial commitment required to pursue certification as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)? One key aspect candidates often consider is the cost associated with the RBT exam itself. In this article, we'll provide a clear breakdown of the expenses involved, allowing you to plan your certification journey with clarity and confidence. Let's dive in to explore how much the RBT exam really costs.


Examination Fee

As of the latest information available, candidates are required to pay a fee of $45 USD to register for the RBT exam. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with exam registration and processing.

Retake Fee

In the event that a candidate does not pass the RBT exam on their first attempt and wishes to retake the examination, an additional fee is applicable. The retake fee for the RBT exam is $35 USD per attempt. Candidates should factor in this potential cost when planning their exam preparation and budget accordingly.

Exam Prep Costs

While not directly related to the RBT exam itself, candidates often purchase exam prep programs or study materials  to prepare for the examination and gain the necessary knowledge and skills required for RBT certification. The cost of such training programs varies depending on the provider, format, and duration of the training. Candidates may choose to enroll in online courses, workshops, or in-person training sessions.

Candidates should consider these expenses when planning their certification journey and budget accordingly. Additionally, it's essential to explore any potential financial assistance or reimbursement options available through employers, educational institutions, or professional organizations.


While the cost of the RBT exam may seem like a significant investment, it represents a crucial step towards professional growth and advancement in the field of behavior analysis. By acquiring RBT certification, individuals gain recognition for their competence and commitment to providing quality behavior intervention services. Understanding the financial aspects of the RBT exam empowers candidates to make informed decisions and embark on their certification journey with confidence and preparedness.