Established in January 2020, the International Behavior Analysis Organization™ (IBAO™) is an organization that exists to “ensure ethical practices, protect consumers, and maintain appropriate educational standards in the field of ABA around the world.” It was founded by Dr. Michael Mueller and Dr. Ajamu Nkosi after Dr. Mueller completed a two-day training for behavior therapists in the Republic of Moldova and recognized the need for an international credentialing organization. The IBAO’s™ main objective is to promote high-quality behavior-analytic services throughout the world. As such, its website is available in 26 different languages. The IBAO™ Professional Advisory Board consists of representatives from 22 different countries. Press releases are available in multiple languages as well, including American Sign Language. Additionally, the IBAO™ values are impressed upon ethics, education, and confidence.


The IBAO’s™ Ethical Guidelines are governed by a multinational ethics committee and includes a six-step problem-solving model to help guide practitioners through novel ethical dilemmas. The IBAO™ supports education by establishing standards for its members before and throughout certification. Confidence from consumers and families of those who receive behavior-analytic services is paramount to Applied Behavior Analysis’ success and sustainability. As a member of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence™, the International Behavior Analysis Organization offers two certifications: International Behavior Analyst™ (IBA™) and International Behavior Therapist™ (IBT™). Qualified candidates can pursue an IBA™ certification in one of three ways. The Master’s/Graduate Route requires candidates to earn a master’s degree or regional equivalent in behavior analysis or a related field. The Experience Route requires a supervised Candidate Project. The Master’s/Graduate Route and the Experience Route both require candidates to complete 1000 supervised experience hours, 12 continuing education units before certification, and pass a certification exam. Professionals with current Board Certified Behavior Analyst®, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst®, or Qualified Behavior Analyst® credentials may apply for certification as well. The IBT™ credential is available for candidates who complete a 40-hour training with approved IBAO™ content, complete 300 hours of supervised practice, and pass a certification exam. Candidates who hold the Registered Behavior Technician® credential or a similar credential may bypass the prerequisite IBT™ requirements and apply for the IBT™ credential directly.


The application process is simple for those who already have a related credential (the author completed the process in less than five minutes). The IBT™ and IBA™ both cost $49.95, and the renewal period for both certifications is two years. International Behavior Therapists™ are required to complete six continuing education units per cycle. International Behavior Analysts™ need to obtain 24 continuing education units in the first recertification cycle as well as one year of professional mentorship. Above all, the IBAO™ exists to extend the reach of the powerful tool behavior-analytic continually work to master. Note to the reader: Though a professional behavior-analytic organization, certifications from IBAO™ are not affiliated with, authorized by, endorsed by, or otherwise connected the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB®). For more information, follow the IBAO™ links below: • IBAO™ home page: • The founders’ full story: • IBA™ certification: • IBT™ certification:


By: Jesse Yarger BCBA