The Total Cost of Taking the ASWB Exam

Like many professions, social workers must obtain a license in order to practice their craft. In most states, social workers planning to become licensed take one of the ASWB exams. Many promising new social workers wonder what they will need to pay to take the ASWB exam after finishing their education. We’re here to let you know what the exam itself costs, as well as other costs that arise.

Studying for the ASWB Exam

You up your odds of passing the ASWB Exam by studying for it. There are some study materials one can access at no charge on the internet, but the most up to date study questions and packages are worth the investment for most pre-licensed social workers. Investing in the best study materials will often save test takers money, as they’re likely to need to take the exam fewer times.

Taking the ASWB Exam

The cost of the ASWB Exam depends on which exam you’re taking. Since January 1, 2010, taking the Bachelor’s and Master’s exams cost $230. The cost for the Advanced Generalist and Clinical exams is slightly higher, at $260. The exam fees go toward continuing to ensure the exam is fair and clinically accurate. The organization works hard to keep fees for test takers as low as possible while ensuring they have the funds to maintain strong testing practices.

Some licensure candidates wonder if there are scholarships available to help defray the cost of testing, but unfortunately the ASWB has never offered any special funds. If obtaining licensure is an essential part of your social work job, see if your workplace will cover some or all of the cost. Many agencies will cover various professional costs for their social workers, such as licensure fees and continuing education.

Retaking the ASWB Exam: How Much Do You Pay?

Not every candidate passes the social work licensure exam on the first try, but the good news is you can keep retaking the necessary test until you pass it. Many social workers in this position ask how much they’ll need to pay to retake the social work exam. The answer is that you’ll need to pay the same $230 or $260 you paid the first time you took the exam. Retake candidates go through the identical registration and test-taking process they went through the first time, including paying the same fee.

If you’re retaking the ASWB exam, the ASWB offers an additional study material at no cost, the Score Report. The report will tell you how many questions you answered correctly, as well as how many you answered incorrectly, in each portion of the exam. When you study for your retake, you’ll want to focus on the areas of the exam where you had the most incorrect questions.

While taking the ASWB exam can seem like an expensive upfront investment, getting your social work license is a solid financial investment. Obtaining licensure will allow you to work in a greater number of positions in the field, many of which come with pay increases. We’re here to support you on the journey to getting your license!