coaches corner

  1. Reintroducing Coaches Corner for 2018

    In the first Coaches Corner segment of 2018, two of our amazing coaches remind us of the features and benefits of coaching, and how you can benefit from watching Coaches Corner every week. 

  2. Coaches Corner Recap: Grab Bag Questions

    AATBS coaches Melissa and Jennifer answer questions from past viewers as well as viewers who watched live during this broadcast in the final Coaches Corner segment of 2017. 

  3. Coaches Corner Recap: How to View Exam Prep in a Positive Light
    Studying for licensure is difficult after you’ve already spent years earning your degree. How do you look at exam prep in a positive way?
  4. Coaches Corner Recap: How to Navigate the AATBS Online Program

    The AATBS online program is a wonderful tool. But how exactly does it work? Two of our AATBS coaches explain.