1. EPPP and Obtaining Life Balance
    EPPP and Obtaining Life Balance

    Life at times can be all-consuming. However, so can studying for the EPPP and it can quickly become overwhelming to think how one might come to balance both. One of my favorite professors once told me “You can have all things in life, just not all things all at the same time.” This statement always resonated with me. To obtain professional growth, one must sacrifice at times, but how do you know when you get to the point of sacrificing too much? Where do you draw the limit? I like to often think about time as a pie chart. Sometimes, like with the EPPP, certain things will take a greater slice of the pie, however this must be balanced out over time.

  2. EPPP: Top 5 Things to Do Leading Up to Your Exam
    EPPP: Top 5 Things to Do Leading Up to Your Exam

    You’ve been studying for a long time at this point. You’ve reviewed all the material, taken the practice tests, and put in the time needed to achieve a passing score. As you get closer to your exam date, there are a few things you should consider and prioritize:

  3. EPPP: How Embracing the Exam Can Lead to Success
    EPPP: How Embracing the Exam Can Lead to Success

    As we begin to approach a new year, you might hear others start to consider New Year’s resolutions. Many often focus on health, family, career, goals, and even mindset. As you sit down to reflect on your experience preparing for the EPPP, take time to consider how you approach thinking about the exam. Do you believe in your ability to pass the test? Do you feel angry at having to take the exam in the first place? If the slightest thought of the EPPP results in negative thoughts and emotions, consider goals for altering your perspective.

  4. How the EPPP is Scored
    How the EPPP is Scored

    As you prepare to take the EPPP, it is helpful to understand the EPPP exam itself and how the exam is scored. For example, knowing that there are 50 unscored pre-test questions on the exam can help with anxiety, allowing you to say to yourself, “It’s okay if I don’t know this answer, it may be a test question!”