1. Take Your EPPP Exam Prep Studying to the Next Level: The SAFMEDS Approach to Flashcards
    Take Your EPPP Exam Prep Studying to the Next Level: The SAFMEDS Approach to Flashcards

    People either love or hate flashcards. Critics often say flashcards focus on memorization over understanding the material, and in some ways, they’re right. However, to fully understand and manipulate the content efficiently, you have to master key terms and foundational concepts with speed and accuracy -- this is called fluency. When you have greater fluency with the material, you’re better equipped to build on this foundational knowledge and quickly apply these concepts to new and different scenarios, making short work of those applied questions. After all, the EPPP is timed, and when you can recall concepts quickly and easily, you’re buying yourself more time to work through the question.

  2. EPPP2: Ethical Practice
    EPPP2: Ethical Practice

    Today, we’re exploring the EPPP2 domain Ethical Practice. No surprise, this portion of the test will look at your ability to functionally apply the ethics of the profession in your professional practice. You’ll need to show you can apply the profession’s laws, guidelines, and ethical codes.

  3. EPPP2: Professionalism
    EPPP2: Professionalism

    The Professionalism domain will look at test taker’s ability to be personally competent on the job. Much of this domain involves professional self-awareness. In particular, they’ll need to understand the limits of reflective practice and competence in their own practice. They’ll also need to demonstrate self-awareness and ability to listen to and respond to professional feedback.

  4. EPPP2: Exploring Relational Competence
    EPPP2: Exploring Relational Competence

    Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at some of the new areas the EPPP2 will test and what domains within the area the exam will ask about. This week, we’re focusing on the domain Relational Competence.