1. What Are Unique Social Work Jobs?

    A social worker is a helping professional who works with individuals, families, and communities to address social and emotional issues and to improve their well-being. While we often think of a social worker in a traditional counseling and support setting, there are several unique jobs available for social workers.

    Social workers can work in a variety of industries beyond traditional fields such as healthcare, child welfare, and mental health. Some unexpected jobs for social workers include:

    1. Corporate social responsibility: Social workers can work with businesses to help them meet their social and environmental responsibilities.
    2. Criminal justice: Social workers can work in prisons, juvenile detention centers, and other parts of the criminal justice system to provide support and rehabilitation services to individuals.
    3. Education: Social workers can work in schools to support students and families, address social and emotional needs, and promote positive academic outcomes.
    4. Research: Social workers can contribute to social work research by conducting studies and developing evidence-based practices.
    5. Disaster response and relief: Social workers can work with disaster relief organizations to provide support to communities affected by natural disasters and other crises.
    6. Military and veteran affairs: Social workers can
  2. Use Your Social Work License In A Different Way
    Use Your Social Work License In A Different Way

    After obtaining their license, many social workers go on to practice therapy of related clinical work for clients, either in agencies or in private practice.  While this is the traditional professional route for social workers, your social work license is extremely versatile and getting your license doesn’t limit you to working in a traditional therapeutic capacity. 

    If you’ve received or are considering getting your social work license and want to work in a field other than therapy, you have additional options.

  3. Gigs Offer Opportunity to Parents in Addiction Recovery
    Gigs Offer Opportunity to Parents in Addiction Recovery

    While there are many challenges in addiction recovery, focusing on the negatives won’t guide you to a better future. Instead, seek out the opportunities — and when you can’t find any, make them.