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  1. CA MFT CCE Exam Changes 2021
    CA MFT CCE Exam Changes 2021

    The California Clinical Exam changed as of January 1, 2021. Our team at AATBS is committed to keeping you up to date on the changes to the California Clinical Exam (CCE). The Board of Behavioral Sciences’ new version of the CCE reflects the current responsibilities and duties for licensed marriage and family therapists, as well as evolving changes in the field. The 2021 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Clinical Examination Outline provides new domain categories and new domain topics, with adjusted percentages. There are areas that have carried over from the previous version of the exam such as law and ethics, treatment modalities, DSM-5, and risk assessment, among others.

  2. How to Pass The MFT Exam
    How to Pass The MFT Exam

    Some people have prepared by going back over and reviewing their textbooks and notes. This is a good start, but it is just a start. The most important thing you can do to prepare for your exam is to take practice exams. Knowing material is one thing but learning how to apply it in an exam-type environment is quite another. In school, you may have only taken “paper” exams and may be unfamiliar with the look and feel of a computerized exam. It is important that your practice exams be computerized. As you work through the questions the first time, make sure you read all of the rationales for every question, whether you get them right or wrong. Most computerized practice exams allow you to take exams in “study” mode or in “test” mode.

  3. Top 5 National LMFT Exam Tips
    Top 5 National LMFT Exam Tips

    Preparing for your LMFT exam is a critical part of your licensure process. It’s not just about passing your exam but it’s also about reviewing the important information that you need to be a practicing LMFT. Framing your preparation as a necessary and GOOD thing is the first step to getting ready to take and pass your exam. You’ve probably been out of school for a while, and there’s lots of information that you didn’t study, or did study but forgot. Now, in the context of having some experience in the field, this information will be invaluable to review. Things will make more sense to you now after working with real live clients. As your first step, choose to see your exam prep as an opportunity to become a better therapist.

  4. How to Apply Critical Thinking Skills on the MFT California Clinical Exam
    How to Apply Critical Thinking Skills on the MFT California Clinical Exam

    Once you have reached your goal of meeting the required supervised professional experience hours and passed the California law and ethics exam, you finally face the last hurdle toward licensure – the clinical exam! You will want to keep a few strategies in mind to tackle the exam questions efficiently.