Critical Thinking Skills for Test-Taking Success Webinar Series

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This Program is divided into Series A and Series B.

Each Series provides unique sets of high-difficulty questions and instruction - over 50 questions per Series!

The intimate, small group setting allows the instructor to tailor instruction to each participant that best suits their personalized test-taking styles.

Get expert, personalized assistance in your exam preparation process! Working with renowned exam preparation expert Kaynor Heineck, you will analyze and discuss in detail the steps to understanding the most difficult exam questions, eliminating bad answers and dissecting the often minute differences between similar answers.


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The Webinar Series includes two, 2.5-hour online sessions using GoToTraining.

The serious exam candidate can take either Series A or B, but for the most complete coaching experience, enroll in both and get over 100 questions in total!

This Workshop Series is the perfect complement to the Online Exam Strategies and Content Review Workshops (offered for Social Workers, MFTs, and Counselors) too!

  • Advanced test-taking strategies
  • Methods to analyze the most difficult mental health examination questions
  • New high-difficulty sets of practice questions, individualized to Series A and B (50+ questions per Workshop!)
  • Full and detailed rationales for each question
  • Detailed question analyses
  • Intensive small group discussion
  • Individualized attention
  • An intimate coaching experience
  • Limited enrollment
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