Decreasing Ethical & Legal Liability in Private Practice (1 CE)

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Course and Content By: Dr. Jessica Dolgan

Founder and Chief Clinician of Integrative Therapeutic Solutions. Dr. Dolgan received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from The University of Denver in 2004. She has dedicated her career to constructing a clinic where adolescents and young adults can receive specialized psychological care that is uniquely tailored to their developmental needs. Her vision has resulted in a multifaceted clinic that provides complete diagnostic and therapeutic services, psychological testing, institutional consultation, public education, and parenting coaching.

Course Delivery: Online Audio/Video, Self-Paced

Course Overview:
Everyone worries about minimizing their ethical and legal liability! Using progressive business education including techniques and strategies to improve your policies and procedures, as well as tips for selecting the most progressive technology and support service, can reduce your anxiety about practice, freeing you to focus on quality clinical care and growing your business. Safe, well managed business creates more satisfied patients and clinicians who report improved professional and financial success!

It’s True:

  1. Ethical & Legal Liability Are Intertwined With Business Of Practice Actions
  2. Reducing Your Exposure By Working Within Your Area Of Expertise Is Good For Business & Reducing Risk
  3. Creating Standard, Consistent Policies & Procedures For All Clients Will Help You Reduce Risk
  4. You Can Avoid Easy To Make Errors Using Progressive Technology Built To Protect You

Learning Objectives:

    1. Predict specific ways ethical and legal liability are closely intertwined with business of practice actions and decisions.
    2. List how business of practice decisions that can ultimately create ethical and legal liability.
    3. Recite specific strategies to limit liability by narrowing your focus and developing a niche expertise.
    4. Describe best practices for creating, maintaining and implementing specific policies and procedures, from the point of patient inception through termination.
    5. Identify and list progressive business practices and technology, improve the type of referral you receive, the outcome of the work you perform, and your reputation in the community.
    6. Recite top practices for functioning within your “highest and best use” while identifying business functions that are both outside of your scope of expertise, which can be outsourced – improving the professional precedent you set, while reducing liability.
    7. Compile specific practices the community and patients deserve to experience when accessing a professional clinician.

Course Format:

This audio/video course is compatible for viewing on both PC and MAC platforms. To receive a certificate of completion, you must complete a multiple-choice post-test with a score of 75% or better and complete a course evaluation. 


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