EPPP 6-Session Exam Strategies Online Workshop


This live online workshop includes Six, 2-Hour Sessions, for 12 total hours of guided EPPP preparation including study tools, test jargon, question and exam approach strategies, exam content, sample questions, and much more!

We have packed this workshop with content, study skills, test-taking skills, and a significant amount of practice with exam-style questions.
These online sessions include:
  • Review of content topics that candidates have found most difficult and useful
  • Presentation of test-taking skills and strategies to maximize study efficiently 
  • Information on mastering the test format by applying content and learned strategies to answer a range of questions with confidence
  • The opportunity to ask instructors questions about content topics or applications of test-taking skills and study strategies
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6-Session Outline:

Instructor: Dr. Marie Fox 
Duration: Three 2-hour live online sessions
  • Session 1 Statistics Skills: Test-taking template, knowledge consolidation, memory tools 
  • Session 2 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Skills: Using jargon, defining words, building a study plan 
  • Session 3 Content: Neuropsychology Skills: Decoding terminology, maximizing efficiency of study sessions, having fun studying 
Instructor: Dr. Mitch Handelsman 
Duration: Three 2-hour live online sessions
  • Session 1 Learning Theory and Behavior Therapy Skills: Studying, remembering, using practice tests 
  • Session 2 Diagnosis & Psychopathology Skills: Test-taking strategies, reading & answering questions, good & bad answers 
  • Session 3 Ethics and Professional Practice Skills: Good and bad ethics answers, attitude enhancement, anxiety reduction
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