EPPP Content and Workshop Bundle

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Our EPPP Content and Workshop Bundle gives you everything you need to maximize your content knowledge for the exam. 

What it includes:

  • 6-Month Access to EPPP 32-Hour Live Online Workshop
  • 6-Month Access to EPPP Digital Audio Library
  • EPPP Exam Simulation Tests

Delivered in either digital or printed format:

  • EPPP Comprehensive Study Volumes

About our EPPP Live Online Workshops:

Our 32-Hour Live Online Exam Prep Course is the digital solution to an on-site workshop. All the relevant test-prep content is broken down into topic-specific, instructor-led online sessions.

Our sessions are created with your schedule in mind. Each topic has sessions offered multiple times throughout the month and in smaller lengths in order to maximize content understanding and retention. Plus, our 32-Hour Live Online Exam Prep is delivered digitally, giving you the flexibility and convenience of attending live sessions from your home or office.

About our EPPP Digital Audio Library:

Our Digital Audio Lectures are like having your own private lectures wherever you go!

Incorporate another method (listening to audio) to enhance your understanding of significant concepts and theories, while alleviating the repetitiveness of studying from books. Maximize your study time by studying during times when reading from a book isn't convenient (e.g., while exercising, commuting to work). Plus, listen to example questions that demonstrate the application of the content knowledge and the effectiveness of test-taking strategies.

About our EPPP Comprehensive Study Volumes:

Our study volumes provide a concise but thorough review of the terms, concepts, theories, and research addressed by the 11 content domains covered by the EPPP. Each content chapter is clearly written and well-organized and incorporates learning tools to help you master and recall the information you’ll need to pass the EPPP. These tools include programmed reviews that will reinforce the information you have just read that will help you monitor the effectiveness of your studying and a glossary of key concepts that you can use to clarify and review the material presented in the chapter.

The chapters are regularly updated so that they reflect the scope and difficulty of material addressed by current EPPP questions.

About our EPPP Exam Simulation Tests:

Take these exam simulation tests right before sitting for the EPPP! Designed to closely simulate what you will experience on the EPPP and test your exam-taking endurance, these tests will help you feel confident going into the exam.

The EPPP Exam Simulation Tests consists of two tests. Each test will give you 4.25 hours to answer 225 unique questions not found in any other program. 

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