EPPP Exams and Quizzes Bundle

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Our Exams and Quizzes Bundle gives you access to over 1,000 practice questions.

What is included:

  • EPPP Assessment Exam
  • 90-Day Access to EPPP Domain Quizzes
  • EPPP Exam Simulation Tests

About our EPPP Assessment Exam:

225 practice questions to evaluate your knowledge

The Assessment Exam consists of 225 questions that evaluate your knowledge of topics from the 11 content domains covered by the EPPP Exam. Taking and reviewing the Assessment Exam should be the first step in your preparation.

About our EPPP Domain Quizzes:

Streamline your studying and exam practice through our Domain Quizzes. Developed to highlight the major domains presented in the EPPP, each domain quiz helps identify areas of strength and areas of weakness. This allows you to focus your studying and exam prep effectively.

About our EPPP Exam Simulation Tests:

Take these exam simulation tests right before sitting for the EPPP! Designed to closely simulate what you will experience on the EPPP and test your exam-taking endurance, these tests will help you feel confident going into the exam.

The EPPP Exam Simulation Tests consists of two tests. Each test will give you 4.25 hours to answer 225 unique questions not found in any other program.



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