EPPP Final Check Bundle

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Our EPPP Final Check Bundle is perfect for someone who is sitting for their exam soon. We bundled up the most important pieces to have during those last weeks of studying. 

What it includes:

  • 30-Day access to EPPP TestMaster
  • 2 EPPP Exam Simulation Tests
  • DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards

About our EPPP TestMaster: 

1,800 EPPP Practice Exam Questions

TestMASTER is our online practice test program and your key to success on the EPPP! TestMASTER includes eight full-length online exams totaling 1,800 practice questions. 

TestMASTER is also part of our larger online program, which includes Section Quizzes, Assessment Exams, and other add-ons such as Domain Quizzes and Final Exams - for a total of over 4,000 practice questions.

Practice Exams include:

  • Unlimited access to 8 full-length practice exams
  • 1,800 questions
  • Mimics the exam in terms of format and question content and difficulty
  • Detailed rationales for each question
  • Two modes of study: Study or testing mode
  • Keep track of your scores
  • Revisions/updates added throughout the year

About our EPPP Exam Simulation Tests:

Take these exam simulation tests right before sitting for the EPPP! Designed to closely simulate what you will experience on the EPPP and test your exam-taking endurance, these tests will help you feel confident going into the exam.

The EPPP Exam Simulation Tests consists of two tests. Each test will give you 4.25 hours to answer 225 unique questions not found in any other program. 

About our DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards:

DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards provide a concise review of all mental disorders and other conditions identified in the DSM-5 including their diagnostic criteria, subtypes and specifiers, and key differential diagnostic considerations

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