Habits of Successful Exam Candidates

If you’re finishing up your degree or supervision requirements, getting ready to take your licensure exam can feel overwhelming. As you prepare to take your test, remember that thousands of your colleagues pass and get their license every year!

Passing the exam is more about smart studying and lifestyle habits than any other factor. To successfully complete the test, follow these habits licensed clinicians used to pass their exam.

They Create a Study Routine

Our lives are busy, so if you’re going to study for the exam, you need to prioritize it. Successful exam candidates plan out a routine, setting aside times during their lives where they focus exclusively on test prep. The best test prep times depend on your availability and what works best for you! Find two to three blocks of time in your week where you can commit to a study session.

They Suss Out Their Areas of Development

The best study routine focuses on the areas of the test where you need to improve most. When you start exam prep, start out by taking an up-to-date mock examination, such as the ones offered by AATBS. Your results will tell you what areas you already know well and where you can continue to grow. Spend the most time focusing on the test areas where you need the most improvement.

They Take Care of Their Whole Selves

When you’re not studying, it’s important to continue your self-care routine. Many high achieving standardized test takers report that they continue to exercise during exam prep. Keep your brain sharp by moving your body, eating healthy foods, and ensuring you get a full night of sleep.

They Prepare for a Reasonable Length of Time

High earning exam scorers approach test-taking like Goldilocks: they study for just the right amount of time. Commonly, they say they study for between one and six months before test day, depending on the amount of preparation they need. Studying for at least one month keeps you from cramming for your exam, while studying six months or less ensures you retain everything you learned before exam day.

They Stay Accountable

To pass the test, you have to ensure you actually study. Successful exam candidates make sure they have someone they can stay accountable to who checks in on their study sessions. Your accountability partner can be anyone you trust, from a loved one to a friend. If you have a colleague or classmate also studying for the exam, consider being each other’s accountability buddies. You can also quiz each other and mix up your study routine by studying together some days.

They Tailor Their Studying to the Specific Exam

Make your study sessions efficient by studying only material relevant to your clinical exam. One of the best ways to ensure you accomplish this is by using cutting edge, up-to-date study materials. AATBS offers a number of frequently updated study tools, such as written materials, workshops, and personalized coaching sessions. You can tailor the types of materials you use for studying to your learning style.

Our staff at AATBS love it when great clinicians pass their exams and achieve their license! Whether you’re a psychologist, social worker, therapist, or coaching licensure candidate, we have a full suite of study materials and tools online that will help you pass. Contact us if you’re ready to get started achieving your license.

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