Power to Study Where You Want

Stay committed and engaged. Various online study tools give you a live exam prep experience with the flexibility to study from the comfort of your home or office.

Power to Study Where You Want

Stay committed and engaged. Various online study tools give you a live exam prep experience with the flexibility to study from the comfort of your home or office.

Live Online Products

Packages, Study Tool Bundles, and Live Online Workshops. Variety of comprehensive study materials with convenience of studying online.

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Stay Engaged with these Online Options

Live Online Exam Prep Study Package

Our comprehensive study package includes all the critical tools to complete a study plan. Package includes enrollment in a live online workshop taught by our expert instructors.

  • Essential study volumes covering the content of the exam
  • Access to hundreds of practice questions
  • Enrollment in our Live Online Exam Prep Workshop
  • Additional study materials to improve retention
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to provide support

Questions + Workshop Digital Bundle

Combines the pieces essential to preparing for the exam together into one package. This bundle includes access to our online mock exam program and pairs with our Live Online Workshop and easily attend virtually.

  • Access to our mock exam program
  • Enrollment in our Live Online Workshop

Live Online Workshop

Our Live Online Exam Prep is the digital solution to our Live In-Person Workshop. This online course is delivered digitally, giving you the flexibility and convenience of attending live sessions from your home or office.

  • Covers test-taking strateiges and content areas of the exam
  • Workshop dates available multiple times throughout the year
  • Smaller sessions to maximize content retention
  • Each workshop is hosted by a live instructor
  • No travel! Easily attend wherever you’ll have online access

Study Tips

Time management

Time management happens when we spend our time intentionally. This means planning. So, get to know your new schedule. Where are the blocks of time you can squeeze in a study session? Look at each day individually and dedicate time slots to your exam prep.

Keep Your Personal Study Habits

Keep your personal study habits in mind when you schedule time slots. Do you have a habit of letting evenings get away from you? Then perhaps it’s better for you to study in the morning so you don’t let time pass you by later.

Fill Time Slots with Studying

Once you know your schedule and can fill time slots with studying, stick to it and make it a priority. When your goal is a passing score, studying is something that you should make time for. Be aware of what studying takes precedent over and what it does not. For example, studying is more important than binge-watching Netflix. But, if studying has been holding you hostage for a while, perhaps a movie night could be needed.

Prioritize Studying in Every-Day Situations

It’s also important to prioritize studying in every-day situations. Apply what you’re learning to your real-life situations. Applying the concepts in this way will make the concepts stick.

Consistency is the Answer

Whether the amount of time you can commit to studying increases or decreases, consistency is the answer. Rather than studying for ten hours on a Saturday, spread that time out throughout the week. This will keep your memory fresh and will allow you to develop a habit and a routine.

Consistency will also help you gain confidence. The fresher your memory is, the more you’ll know during a review. Having a successful review can boost your confidence and motivate you to continue studying consistently.

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