MFT Assessment Exam Practice Test

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Practice questions to evaluate your knowledge.

The Assessment Exam consists of questions that evaluate your knowledge of topics from the content domains covered by the MFT Exam. Taking and reviewing the Assessment Exam should be the first step in your preparation.

  • National MFT (AMFTRB) Exam consists of 180 practice questions
  • California MFT (CA BBS) Exam consists of 150 practice questions

Your total and content-domain scores will help you identify your current areas of strength and weakness. We recommend that you use this information in conjunction with the areas of emphasis on the MFT Exam (see list below) to develop a personalized study schedule.

  • After completing the Assessment Exam, you will be able to view your total and domain scores and review the rationales (answer key) for all questions.
  • You will be able to take the Assessment Exam only once, but you may review the questions and rationales an unlimited number of times during your subscription period.
  • Practice of Marital and Family Therapy
  • Assessing, hypothesizing, and diagnosing
  • Designing and conducting treatment
  • Evaluating ongoing process and terminating treatment
  • Maintaining ethical, legal, and professional standards
  • Clincial Evlauation 
  • Crisis Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Treatment
  • Ethics
  • Law

See the Strategies Book for additional information about using your scores on the Assessment Exam to develop a personalized study schedule and track your progress while preparing for the MFT Exam.

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