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Coaching is included in most Study Packages. Get all the materials needed to prepare for your licensing exam as well as the guidance and support of One-on-One Coaching.

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Erin Elmore, PsyD


Dr. Erin Elmore is a licensed psychologist with a passion for coaching. She earned her PsyD from Azusa Pacific University, an APA accredited program. She aims to provide organization and support to the individuals she coaches.

Francesca Alesi, PsyD

EPPP Coach

Dr. Francesca Alesi is a psychologist practicing in the DC Metro Area. She strives to provide a supportive and encouraging coaching experience.

Kristen Wilkinson, PsyD

EPPP Coach

Kristen Wilkinson, PsyD, is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Barrington Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy and a remote coach outside of Chicago, Illinois. She is a recent graduate from the Clinical Psychology Program at Midwestern University, Downers Grove. She also is a contributing writer for StepMom Magazine, and an Adjunct Professor at Elmhurst College and Midwestern University. Dr. Wilkinson specializes in work with young adults, women, divorce, stepfamilies, and bariatric surgery candidates. She has extensive training in working with anxiety, depression, body image, perfectionism, grief and loss, adjustment, and relationship and family concerns. Dr. Wilkinson believes fully in the power of self-compassion and acceptance and uses this lens when working with clients. Outside of her professional work, she enjoys spending time with her spouse, Alex, and their two rescue dogs, Charlie and George.

Lanaya Ethington, PhD

EPPP Coach

Lanaya Ethington is a licensed psychologist in Iowa City, Iowa. She graduated from an APA-accredited program at Indiana University with a PhD in Counseling Psychology and a doctoral minor in Management from the Kelley School of Business.

Melissa Rosenow, PsyD


Dr. Melissa Rosenow is a licensed psychologist and a remote coach outside of Chicago, IL. She earned her PsyD in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, an APA accredited program in the Los Angeles, CA area. Dr. Rosenow currently conducts inpatient/outpatient psychological and neuropsychological assessments at a general hospital. Here, she also supervises doctoral practicum students. Additionally, she has been active in collaborating with psychiatrists to develop and teach in a psychiatry residency program. Dr. Rosenow’s coaching goal is to provide support and structure throughout the studying process.

Nikki Johnson, PsyD

EPPP Coach

Dr. Nikki Johnson is a licensed Psychologist and a remote coach outside of Seattle, WA. She holds a PsyD in Clinical Psychology with a Forensic emphasis from Azusa Pacific University, an APA accredited school in Southern California. She completed her graduate work in Marital Trends and has worked with diverse populations. Dr. Johnson is currently a full-time Assistant Professor at Northwest University. She serves as the Dissertation Coordinator and also chairs the PsyD Diversity Committee. In addition, she has been active in pursuing APA accreditation for both internship sites and the university. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, game nights with friends, sushi and Netflix binges.

Renee St. Jacques, PsyD

EPPP Coach

Dr. Renee St. Jacques brings to AATBS a unique blend of corporate experience and human behavior expertise. A licensed psychologist, Renee strives to build a supportive, trustworthy relationship with each person she coaches. Her 13 years of experience with business marketing and product management give her the drive for excellence and results while her extensive doctoral training in psychology offers her the intuition and expertise to customize her coaching to each client’s own strengths and challenges.

Renee attributes her personal success with passing the EPPP in her first take to the coaching she received from an AATBS exam coach. Fueled by this positive experience, she is passionate about helping her colleagues experience the same thing. Renee believes that her clients get the most value out of coaching when they feel safe enough to be their true selves. She creates a judgment-free safe haven while being results-oriented, driven to help those she coaches reach their full potential.

Renee earned a Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling, as well as a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology, from Northwest University in Washington state. She also runs a private practice, teaches as an adjunct professor, coaches managers and executives, and consults for non-profits and corporations.