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  • Getting your License in New York? Here is What You Need to Know
    Getting your License in New York? Here is What You Need to Know

    The Empire State. One of the most populous states in this nation attracts an incredible number of visitors, re-settlers, and professionals every year. Psychologists are not immune to the attraction of the Big Apple. However, the laws and requirements for practicing professional psychology in New York differ slightly from others states. If you have ever thought about getting your license in New York, AATBS is here to help.

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  • The Top 5 Things to do Leading up to the EPPP Exam
    The Top 5 Things to do Leading up to the EPPP Exam

    Although it sounds like a nearly impossible task, doing your best to “demystify” the exam will help settle your anxiety. Not knowing the hardship in front of you can certainly raise your anxiety which will not help with the feelings of overwhelm which you are undoubtedly already facing. It is important to familiarize yourself with the exam as much as possible. Read blogs about it, look up facts, find out more about your testing site, and even ask colleagues and acquaintances who have taken the exam before. Knowing what lies ahead will help you feel more confident about the entire process.

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  • Common Misconceptions about Behavior Analysis
    Common Misconceptions about Behavior Analysis

    Behavior analysts hear a lot of interesting responses when they tell new acquaintances about their profession. Some common responses are, “Does that mean you work for the FBI?” or “I bet you’re analyzing me right now!” My personal favorite is “What am I thinking right now?” to which I typically respond, “You’re thinking a behavior analyst is another term for a psychic.” Though these examples are mostly harmless to the behavior-analytic field, sometimes these misconceptions can be damaging to the reputation of the field.

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