Where Do I Begin? Take the First Steps Toward Licensure

Starting the process towards your licensure can be stressful and full of unknowns. Here are some quick tips to help set yourself on the right path to pass your exam the first time.

Check Your State Board’s Licensing Requirements

Familiarize yourself with the requirements and process for licensing in the state you are trying to become licensed in. How many supervised hours do you need to complete before you can sit for the exam? Are there additional exams you will need to take? Are there Pre-Licensure courses/credits you need to satisfy? It is key to know what exactly to expect throughout your licensure journey so there are no surprises when you apply for your license and take your exam.

Discover What Type Of Learner You Are

No student learns the same, however, there are three learning styles that most fall into: Tactile, Auditory, and Visual. While people usually benefit from parts of all three styles, most also have a dominant style they naturally gravitate to. Understanding what type of learner you are is essential in developing your study plan for the exam.

Tactile Learner: A tactile learner is someone who learns through movement. Some examples that you may be a tactile learner include continuously move/shake your leg while reading or talking with your hands.

Auditory Learner: An auditory learner finds the most benefit from listening to study materials and question. Also, they are better able to retain information if they read it out loud and then listen to the recording. Some examples that you may be an auditory learner include using rhymes to remember information and discussing answers rather than writing out the answers.

Visual Learner: A visual learner is someone who likes to see what they want to learn. Some examples that you may be a visual learner include making lists to help learn or stay organized and preferring to read materials rather than listening to audio recordings.

To learn more on what type of learner you may be, click here to read our blog of each type and tips to successful studying for your learning style.

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Determine Your Timeline To Take The Exam

Is your goal to take the test in the next month or in a year? How you study, how long and often you study, and what you study may change depending on your timeline. Plus, determining a timeline will help you with time management and building a study plan.

Get help determining your timeline and speak with a Test Prep Exert. You can make an appointment online and schedule a meeting on your time.

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Do Your Research

Armed with the knowledge of what learning style you fall under and your timeline, it is important to research what study materials and resources are best for you. Good news! AATBS offers study materials and packages fit for every learning and timeline. Not only that, AATBS offers a community through our social media pages to connect with others also going through this journey.

You can take the first step with an AATBS Sample Kit. Our Sample Kit includes information about your exam, study tool options, a sample of our study volume content, practice questions and free flashcards.

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