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Recommended Product

Recommended Product

Live Online Exam Prep Package

We've combined our comprehensive self-study package with our BCBA Exam Strategies All Access Pass to give you all the essential pieces you need to pass the BACB Certification Exam. The BCBA Live Online Exam Prep Package comes with over 500 questions that were created for behavior analysts, by behavior analysts.

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Self-Study Exam Prep Package

A comprehensive package that gives you all the essential pieces you need to pass the BACB Certification Exam. The BCBA Self-Study Exam Prep Package comes with over 500 questions.

Exam Strategies All Access Pass

Our live online BCBA Exam Strategies All Access Pass gives you all of our workshop sessions for six months. Designed to support BCBA candidates as they prepare for the big exam, our sessions are created with your schedule in mind.

Practice Bundle

Our BCBA Practice Bundle helps you track your exam prep progress from start to finish. Begin with our 100-question assessment exam to identify areas of strength and weakness on the task-list topics. Finish your exam prep with our full length, 160 question practice exam.

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Pass Guarantee

Our Pass Guarantee gives you confidence to study with AATBS. Follow our study plan and you will pass the exam.

Our Pass Guarantee is included with our Self-Study Exam Prep Packages and Live Online Exam Prep Package. Learn more about our pass guarantee.

Got A Minute?

Build prep into your routine until you’re ready to begin your BCBA journey. Get a BCBA question—with detailed answer explanations—in your inbox every day for two weeks!

Have 20 Minutes?

Test your exam readiness and take a free sample exam! We give you access to a collection of sample questions. Get a feel for practice questions and see detailed rationales.

About Our Practice Questions

Our Questions Are at the Heart of Our Learning Program:

Begin your study process with an assessment exam

Find your strengths and identify areas for improvement based on the questions you answer correctly and incorrectly.

Begin your study program with Study Mode

Questions are not just about practice: they're about learning.

With each question, you'll get a detailed rationale that will help you understand not only why the right answer is right, but also why the wrong answers are wrong. Rationales also provide test-taking steps that will help you select the best answer.

Our three-part explanations will help you both learn the content of the exam and also test-taking strategies to help you navigate each question.

Test Mode
Test your knowledge of exam content with Test Mode

Test Mode simulates the exam and gives you an environment to practice your test-taking strategies.

Evaluate your scores to focus your attention and benchmark your progress.

Final Exam is your last step before exam day

Final Exam models the time, questions, and exam environment to simulate the actual certification exam. We recommend trying to replicate exam-day conditions to help you prepare for test day success.

At the end of our program you will be prepared not only for the content of the exam, but for the construct of the exam - and you will be ready to succeed on test day.


For more than 40 years, AATBS has been the leading provider of exam prep and continuing education for behavioral and mental health professionals, institutions, and organizations. We employ only licensed/certified health professionals to author our exam prep and continuing education content - and we pride ourselves in the quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of our products. At AATBS, your practice is our perfect.