1. Updates to the EPPP
    Updates to the EPPP

    Updates to the EPPP The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (the EPPP) has been a tremendous source of stress for many who hope to practice in the field of psychology one day. An exam that claims to cover “everything you learned in graduate school” is an extremely intimidating-sounding exam. Research has shown that demystifying the exam as much as possible has been one of the top strategies for succeeding on the EPPP. With the many shifts that have been going on, both in the global landscape, as well as the field of psychology, your friends at AATBS, think you should be aware of some of the changes to the exam. The information covered in the exam is constantly changing. It’s hard to say for certain exactly which topics and questions will be covered on your exam, especially with the information covered in each exam changing about 20% with each iteration.

  2. Take Your EPPP Exam Prep Studying to the Next Level: The SAFMEDS Approach to Flashcards
    Take Your EPPP Exam Prep Studying to the Next Level: The SAFMEDS Approach to Flashcards

    People either love or hate flashcards. Critics often say flashcards focus on memorization over understanding the material, and in some ways, they’re right. However, to fully understand and manipulate the content efficiently, you have to master key terms and foundational concepts with speed and accuracy -- this is called fluency. When you have greater fluency with the material, you’re better equipped to build on this foundational knowledge and quickly apply these concepts to new and different scenarios, making short work of those applied questions. After all, the EPPP is timed, and when you can recall concepts quickly and easily, you’re buying yourself more time to work through the question.

  3. 10 Tips for Getting and Staying Motivated to Study
    10 Tips for Getting and Staying Motivated to Study

    After countless hours of coursework, practica and internship, and pages of dissertation edits, you now have to take the EPPP. Whether it’s fear of failure, sheer exhaustion, juggling too many priorities, or imposter syndrome creeping in, the motivation just isn’t there and at the same time, you didn’t come this far to quit. Try these tips to help re-energize yourself and build momentum while studying for the EPPP.

  4. EPPP and Obtaining Life Balance
    EPPP and Obtaining Life Balance

    Life at times can be all-consuming. However, so can studying for the EPPP and it can quickly become overwhelming to think how one might come to balance both. One of my favorite professors once told me “You can have all things in life, just not all things all at the same time.” This statement always resonated with me. To obtain professional growth, one must sacrifice at times, but how do you know when you get to the point of sacrificing too much? Where do you draw the limit? I like to often think about time as a pie chart. Sometimes, like with the EPPP, certain things will take a greater slice of the pie, however this must be balanced out over time.