EPPP Free Prep Week

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About our EPPP Live Online Workshops:

Our 32-Hour Live Online Exam Prep is the digital solution to our Live In-Person Workshop. All the content covered in our In-Person Workshop broken down into topic-specific instructor-led online sessions.

Our sessions are created with your schedule in mind. Each topic has sessions offered multiple times throughout the month and in smaller lengths in order to maximize content understanding and retention. Plus, our 32-Hour Live Online Exam Prep is delivered digitally, giving you the flexibility and convenience of attending live sessions from your home or office.


About our EPPP Digital Audio Library:

Our Digital Audio Lectures are like having your own private lectures wherever you go!

Incorporate another method (listening to audio) to enhance your understanding of significant concepts and theories, while alleviating the repetitiveness of studying from books. Maximize your study time by studying during times when reading from a book isn't convenient (e.g., while exercising, commuting to work). Plus, listen to example questions that demonstrate the application of the content knowledge and the effectiveness of test-taking strategies.


About our EPPP TestMaster:

1,800 EPPP Practice Exam Questions

TestMASTER is our online practice test program and your key to success on the EPPP! TestMASTER includes eight full-length online exams totaling 1,800 practice questions. 

TestMASTER is also part of our larger online program, which includes Section Quizzes, Assessment Exams, and other add-ons such as Domain Quizzes and Final Exams - for a total of over 4,000 practice questions.

Practice Exams include:

  • Unlimited access to 8 full-length practice exams
  • 1,800 questions
  • Mimics the exam in terms of format and question content and difficulty
  • Detailed rationales for each question
  • Two modes of study: Study or testing mode
  • Keep track of your scores
  • Revisions/updates added throughout the year