EPPP Statistics and Test Construction Live Online Workshop

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Each session is 2.5 hours in length. Both provide numerous opportunities to apply the information presented by the instructor to practice questions. Our online workshops are presented using online conferencing software. If you are able to access the Internet, you can easily participate in this engaging and interactive workshop. Your instructor will be able to share handouts with the class, annotate information on a whiteboard, participate in discussions in a chat room, and administer and score exam questions instantly.



  • Scales of Measurement
  • Normal Distribution and Skewed Distributions
  • Test Score Interpretation
  • Practice Questions
  • Parametric versus Non-Paremetric Tests
  • t-Tests
  • ANOVA (including Factorial, MANOVA, etc.)
  • Chi-Square
  • Practice Questions
  • Logic of Statistical Inference
  • Logic of Hypothesis Testing
  • Practice Questions
  • Correlation v Regression Analysis
  • Multiple Regression
  • Casual Modeling
  • Practice Questions
  • Reliability
  • Different Types of Reliability
  • Factors Affecting Reliability
  • Practice Questions
  • Validity
  • Content Validity
  • Construct Validity
  • Criterion-related Validity
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Practice Questions
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