EPPP Supplemental Materials Bundle

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Our EPPP Supplemental Materials Bundle provides you with key pieces that will enhance your study plan. Each piece is designed to be used while studying, as well as a reference tool while practicing.

What it includes:

  • EPPP Printed Flashcards
  • Theories of Psychotherapy Chart
  • DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards


About our EPPP Printed Flashcards:

With over 600 cards, these flashcards are a must-have portable study tool. Arrange the flashcards in terms of content domain, level of difficulty, and/or degree of familiarity. They are especially useful for customizing your review of key concepts. 

About our Theories in Psychotherapy Chart:

This durable Theories of Psychotherapy Quick Reference Chart is the perfect study aid. This color-coded chart covers the theories of psychotherapy in a concise and clear format allowing you to reference what you need without flipping through textbooks. Reference the chart to help you study or to create an organized study pattern.

About our DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards:

DSM-5 Fast-Flip Reference Cards provide a concise review of all mental disorders and other conditions identified in the DSM-5 including their diagnostic criteria, subtypes and specifiers, and key differential diagnostic considerations.

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