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Our study volumes provide a concise but thorough review of the terms, concepts, theories, and research addressed by the AMFTRB Examination in Marital and Family Therapy (“National Exam”). The Study Volumes include five content area chapters that correspond to the six exam domains described in the AMFTRB’s Information for Candidates Handbook.

Each chapter incorporates the following learning tools to help you master and recall the information you’ll need to pass the National Exam:

  • Key concepts are listed at the beginning of each section of all chapters to guide your studying by alerting you to the most critical information covered in the sections.
  • All key concepts are included in each chapter’s Glossary to provide an easy reference for reviewing the most important information.

The Study Volumes also include an Orientation and Strategies chapter that provides an easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide to get you started in your preparation as well as information on the types of questions you’ll encounter on the National Exam, suggestions for preparing a study schedule, and information about the three tasks you’ll want to address during your preparation: managing anxiety, using effective study strategies, and using effective test-taking strategies.

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Volume I
  • Examination in Marriage and Family Therapy: Overview and Strategies Exam
  • Foundations of Couple and Family Therapy
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
Volume II
  • Designing, Conducting, Evaluating, and Terminating Treatment
  • Crisis Assessment and Management
  • Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

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