1. Culturally-Responsive Supervision
    Culturally-Responsive Supervision
    Cultural responsiveness, social justice, inclusion, and a multitude of other terms have emerged during the last few years in the United States. At their root, these terms allude to the perception and equitable treatment among people. As professionals and behavioral experts, behavior analysts have the responsibility to establish clinical environments in which cultural diversity is embraced, not merely tolerated. Recent initiatives within the field have included more published research, continuing education opportunities, and clearly established ethical guidelines in the Ethics Code of Behavior Analysts, the derivative of Professional and Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts.
  2. The International Behavior Analysis Organization™
    The International Behavior Analysis Organization™
    Established in January 2020, the International Behavior Analysis Organization™ (IBAO™) is an organization that exists to “ensure ethical practices, protect consumers, and maintain appropriate educational standards in the field of ABA around the world.” It was founded by Dr. Michael Mueller and Dr. Ajamu Nkosi after Dr. Mueller completed a two-day training for behavior therapists in the Republic of Moldova and recognized the need for an international credentialing organization. The IBAO’s™ main objective is to promote high-quality behavior-analytic services throughout the world. As such, its website is available in 26 different languages. The IBAO™ Professional Advisory Board consists of representatives from 22 different countries. Press releases are available in multiple languages as well, including American Sign Language. Additionally, the IBAO™ values are impressed upon ethics, education, and confidence.
  3. Spotlight on Professional Organizations: ABAI
    Spotlight on Professional Organizations: ABAI
    The Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) is one of the most popular membership organizations for behavior analysts. The repute organization offers a multitude of supports for behavior analysts regardless of level of experience. Ultimately, ABAI exists “to contribute to the well-being of society by developing, enhancing, and supporting the growth and vitality of the science of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice” (Association for Behavior Analysis International Mission Statement).
  4. Springtime ABA Sessions
    Springtime ABA Sessions
    Spring is here and, this year, it feels more welcoming than ever following a year of social distancing, mask wearing, and virtual ABA sessions. If outdoor restrictions have relaxed, take advantage of those opportunities to enrich home and community ABA sessions for clients. Video Modeling Video modeling can be utilized for teaching any number of skills, and has been shown to be an effective intervention. Why not use video modeling (or prerecorded videos) to pre-teach expectations for a new location? Pool safety, social greetings, and turn-taking on the playground can all be taught using video modeling