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  1. NCMHCE Content Update Effective Early 2022
    NCMHCE Content Update Effective Early 2022

    According to the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), these changes will go into effect in early 2022.  As a coach and an exam candidate/clinician we will only need to be concerned with a few of the changes that may affect our study and exam prep strategies.  Those changes, and how we will tackle them, I will discuss in the next few paragraphs.

    First and foremost, the NBCC uses this test to determine whether you possess the necessary skills to perform as an entry level Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), also known as an entry-level clinical mental health counselor.    You would demonstrate the “ability to identify, analyze, diagnose and develop treatment plans of clinical concerns” by passing this exam.  In addition, you will be scored on six content domains:

  2. The Top 10 Theories and Concepts in the Assessment and Diagnosis Section of the Exam
    The Top 10 Theories and Concepts in the Assessment and Diagnosis Section of the Exam

    Assessment and Diagnosis are incredibly important areas of the exam with which to feel comfortable, given that this is one of the most heavily emphasized areas on the exam. When you approach this material, be sure to feel as though you have in-depth knowledge of concepts, theories, and diagnoses. Know what differential diagnosis questions you want to ask yourself as well as prognosis, diagnostic criteria for a particular disorder, and treatment recommendations. Questions on the exam for this area tend to be detailed at times, so one must not neglect to allocate a significant amount of study time to this domain.

  3. How to Avoid Autopilot on the LCSW Exam
    How to Avoid Autopilot on the LCSW Exam

    One of the most problematic issues for many candidates taking the social work exam is the tendency to use “autopilot”. We all operate on autopilot much of the time and this mode of thinking can be very useful. After all, if you had to think carefully each time you tie your shoes, load the dishwasher or brush your teeth, you’d be mentally exhausted in no time! Autopilot lets us perform these overlearned behaviors with little or no mental effort required. However, autopilot is not a good way to approach your exam, and yet, many people use it much of the time.

  4. LCSW Exam: Top 5 Test Prep Tips
    LCSW Exam: Top 5 Test Prep Tips

    While occasionally we will hear of someone who took their exam without studying, the fact of the matter is that this is a VERY rare occurrence! Most people need to study and, on top of studying, they need to practice taking test questions. The two tasks can be combined, but they are not the same thing. The single best thing you can do to prepare for your LCSW exam is to complete lots and lots of test questions! While you’re doing test questions, you are also reviewing material. This does not work the other way around. You can go back and read all of your textbooks and review all of the notes you took in class, but, other than the knowledge review, it will not help you with test taking strategy. The only way you can prepare for taking the test is to practice taking the test.